Come On Now People, White Doesn’t Look Good

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you guys heard the news? XDA user, Zoidpilot, made his own white Evo 3D and its been circulating all over the internet these past couple of days. I’m not knocking him for tinkering with his device because that’s what XDA members do, but it looks terrible. My question is, what’s the fascination with white all of a sudden? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a white variant, the Evo 4G had a white variant, the Nexus S has a white variant. And they all look ugly.

Android’s UI revolves around a black/greyish interface which allows the phone itself to disappear as the user becomes indulged in the content on the screen. But when it’s white then its just distracting and ruins the experience, which is why so many phones  keep the front black and only make the back white. The result is a phone which looks like an Oreo with the top cookie taken off. It doesn’t match at all, its just hideous.

I say that to say this. Stop copying Apple. Out of all the colors in the rainbow, you choose the one that Apple does. Nobody was thinking about white smartphones since the white iPhone rumors started pouring in. Not to mention the white iPhone doesn’t even look good and gets dirty easily. Why copy that? Be original.


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