What If Manufacturers Were Granted a 6-Month Patent Amnesty Period?

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Concepts

Mozilla’s concept phone dubbed the Seabird.

Patents, patents, patents. The single most important factor hindering innovation in the tech field. Every day some big tech company is suing another. Wouldn’t it be great if a judge ruled a 6-month amnesty period where manufacturers are free to let their imaginations run wild without fear of being sued for patent infringement. They can create however many devices they want and produce them for however long they desire. Apple can’t sue Samsung, Microsoft can’t sue HTC. Nobody can sue each other regarding devices invented during that six month period. The only catch would be that you can’t recreate a device you don’t own (for example, Samsung can’t make an iPhone, Apple can’t make an Evo, etc.). Can you imagine the types of innovative devices that would come out of it? It would be like the Big Boom of tech.


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