About CBT

Let me first thank you for making your way to CityboyTech, where posts will revolve around the most interesting advancements in mobile technology and social networking: Android, iOS (blah), Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft (sigh), RIM, and others. I feel that there is a small voice for Android fanboys on the web and this is me doing my part to make our voice louder and get real life opinions out on the web to counter those trapped in Apple’s distortion field. You ever notice when Apple says something, the press (blogs, news, etc) just runs with it, hyping it up way more than it really is? Even if its the dumbest, most outdated idea ever *cough*iTunes*cough*, the blogs and the news will find a way to make it seem like its really the best thing for them – It makes me sick.

Anywho, here at CBT I encourage friendly and heated debates, fanboyism is always welcome here (no matter which side of the fence your on), and civilized people are welcome too. Feel free to voice your opinions and share articles with your friends, and stay tuned for more posts!
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