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The HTC EVO 4G was my very first smartphone and I couldn’t have been any happier. Why? Because it was everything I ever wanted in a phone: big screen for watching videos, good front and back cameras, a kickstand, and an OS that lets you pretty much do as your heart pleases. It was like a dream come true.

Now with the tablet revolution underway, I want to be wowed the same exact way when I dive into my first tablet. I don’t want something that’s mediocre or comes with the promise of getting better when the next version comes out. I want my socks rocked out of the gate. I’ve already laid out ideas for my dream 7-inch tablet, so this is a wishlist that I contemplated about having in my first 10″ tablet.



If I Were Steve Ballmer…

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Concepts
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Let’s be frank, everyone knows that Windows Phone 7 sucks. Despite having arguably the strongest ecosystem out there, and all of the precedents from competitors have been set, WP7 have been off to a sluggish start and failed to display their capabilities. Right now, there is no incentives to buy a Windows Phone over any competing phone on the market. If I were Steve Ballmer, how would I resurrect the WP7 line? By utilizing Microsoft’s powerful ecosystem.


Mozilla’s concept phone dubbed the Seabird.

Patents, patents, patents. The single most important factor hindering innovation in the tech field. Every day some big tech company is suing another. Wouldn’t it be great if a judge ruled a 6-month amnesty period where manufacturers are free to let their imaginations run wild without fear of being sued for patent infringement. They can create however many devices they want and produce them for however long they desire. Apple can’t sue Samsung, Microsoft can’t sue HTC. Nobody can sue each other regarding devices invented during that six month period. The only catch would be that you can’t recreate a device you don’t own (for example, Samsung can’t make an iPhone, Apple can’t make an Evo, etc.). Can you imagine the types of innovative devices that would come out of it? It would be like the Big Boom of tech.