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You may think I’m tripping because of the title right? “OMG, CBT it’s the most revolutionary phone ever!! It’s magical!! It comes in black AND white!! You speak blasphemy!” Whatever. I’m not a part of the little iFanboy cult, neither am I some old guy trying to be cool. Android has opened my eyes so much that I can see through all of Steve Jobs’ little fantasy adjectives and laugh every time they announce a “new” product.

I’ll admit, before I knew what Android was, I thought Apple had a great product, which led me to purchase an iPod Touch. I bought it mainly because it had enough memory to carry all of my music and movies around (at the time I had a feature phone), and I figured I’d be killing two birds with one stone by testing out the phone that everyone’s talking about. The more I used it, the more I began to hate it. From its small screen size to that astonishingly never correct auto-correct. Apple had tricked me and our relationship has been rocky ever since. Then I discovered the marvelous HTC EVO 4G and freedom rang! All problems, inconveniences, and annoyances I ever had with the iPod was solved, easily and intuitively. I haven’t looked back at my iOS days at all. This is Part I of a 3-piece article explaining why I would never ever buy an iPhone.



Great news for EVO 3D and Sensation owners! As you may recall, in May HTC announced that it will continue to support the developer community by unlocking the bootloaders on its devices. Many people responded with much fanfare, while others were skeptical that it was nothing more than a publicity stunt and they would fail to keep their word.


One of the most annoying things in the world is having a conversation somewhere along these lines:

“Hey I’m thinking of picking up one of those DROIDs”

“Oh yeah, which one?”

“Either the Evo or a Galaxy S”

People! DROID and Android are two different things. DROID is a brand name which refers to a certain group of Android phones on Verizon’s network. Android is the operating system that powers phones. So referring to all Android phones as DROIDs is like referring to all shoes as Nikes.

That is all.

Earlier this week, Google’s highly anticipated social network opened up to early testers and the internet has been buzzing ever since. After little more than a week, many are considering ditching the king of the throne for the new kid of the block, and with good reason. Google has brought a serious contender to the table which attacks all of Facebook’s weak points. Here are the reasons why I believe Google+ will be a hit.


Have you guys heard the news? XDA user, Zoidpilot, made his own white Evo 3D and its been circulating all over the internet these past couple of days. I’m not knocking him for tinkering with his device because that’s what XDA members do, but it looks terrible. My question is, what’s the fascination with white all of a sudden? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a white variant, the Evo 4G had a white variant, the Nexus S has a white variant. And they all look ugly.


By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about the WiFi Motorola XOOM getting a price cut to $499, but is it only because the XOOM 2 just passed the FCC? Is it because the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thinner, lighter, cheaper, and basically the same product? Is it because nobody’s buying the XOOM? Who know’s, but one thing I do know is that some things need to change in order for Android tablets to be as popular as their cell phone counterparts.


…for everyone that’s not on Sprint! Ha! I’m sorry but here’s a little background on why I’m so happy.

I’ve been a Sprint customer since the 7th grade, which equates to 10 years and some months. People and blogs constantly bash Sprint because I guess they had terrible customer service in the past. Personally, I have not had any problems with Sprint that didn’t get resolved in all of those ten years. Sure, they’ve messed up occasionally but as long as you know how to dial *2 then you will be fine. But that’s a story for another article.

Enter now to 2011, where Sprint has been making an excellent comeback, bringing multiple blockbuster Android superphones, the first carrier with widespread 4G data coverage, official Google Voice integration, greatly improved customer service, covering rooted phones under their insurance plan, the best plan prices, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, and..wait for it.. truly unlimited data! No data caps, no throttled speeds, just truly unlimited data. Rejoice! This is a great time to be a Sprint customer.