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You may think I’m tripping because of the title right? “OMG, CBT it’s the most revolutionary phone ever!! It’s magical!! It comes in black AND white!! You speak blasphemy!” Whatever. I’m not a part of the little iFanboy cult, neither am I some old guy trying to be cool. Android has opened my eyes so much that I can see through all of Steve Jobs’ little fantasy adjectives and laugh every time they announce a “new” product.

I’ll admit, before I knew what Android was, I thought Apple had a great product, which led me to purchase an iPod Touch. I bought it mainly because it had enough memory to carry all of my music and movies around (at the time I had a feature phone), and I figured I’d be killing two birds with one stone by testing out the phone that everyone’s talking about. The more I used it, the more I began to hate it. From its small screen size to that astonishingly never correct auto-correct. Apple had tricked me and our relationship has been rocky ever since. Then I discovered the marvelous HTC EVO 4G and freedom rang! All problems, inconveniences, and annoyances I ever had with the iPod was solved, easily and intuitively. I haven’t looked back at my iOS days at all. This is Part I of a 3-piece article explaining why I would never ever buy an iPhone.